About the CRT

The Three Rivers Community Roundtable (CRT) was created in April 2001. Its creation came from a series of three public meetings, involving 150 people, conducted during the preceding six months. Based on a similar community planning process conducted in the early 90's and the positive changes resulting from that effort, the theme of this more recent activity was to once again create a vision of our preferred future for the decade ahead. This time, however, the implementation of the plan would take a different form.

The CRT was conceived not as another economic development organization, but rather to serve as a forum where community leaders come together to communicate, coordinate, integrate, and facilitate their respective strategies for achievement of the regional vision. The CRT serves as the steward of this vision and holds itself accountable to the public by reporting annually on progress toward realizing that vision.

A simple economic development model has been used to provide the framework upon which the vision was built. This model recognizes the importance and interdependence of starting new businesses, keeping and growing the ones we have, and recruiting new industry. The success of these, rely heavily on the business climate and quality of life in our region. The vision drives these five elements with particular emphasis on technology, education, water, and "connectivity," which together become our competitive differentiators and the things that make our region great.

The effectiveness of the CRT lies in the willingness and intentions of community leaders to share their viewpoints, to seek consensus on the overall vision, and to engage with one another while working toward the desired economic future of our community.

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